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Back Fill Compounds

Back Fill Compound is a supreme quality Chemical Earthing Combination which can achieve lower ohmic value in tricky soil like rocky or sandy soil having high soil resistivity value. BFC is a unique combination of ace graded granulated chemicals or Minerals which are Highly Electric Conductive and of High water retaining Capacity BFC is basically an Earth filling compound having hydrated aluminum silicate as its essential element, which it has a natural tendency to absorb a huge amount of water and transform itself into a thick jelly when it comes in contact with water. BFC is a fine composite of prime quality leading non corrosive minerals. BFC helps Earthing Electrodes and Rods to increase its surface area and to decrease the earth's resistance. BFC is widely used and approved by MOD, Railways, Electric Utility Manufactures and Water Utility Manufactures which help their products work in an advantageous ways.

Copper Bonded Electrode

Ravi Earthing is one of the foremost manufacturer of Copper Bonded Electrode. Our Highly experienced team and state of art techniques help us to serve you with customizable units of Copper Bonded Electrode for your valuable utilities. Our Copper Bonded Electrodes are RDSO comply - RDSO/PE/SPEC/PSO109-2008 with different dimensions and sizes. Apart from being one of the largest manufacturers of Earthing System, we at Ravi Earthing do not stop just here, we keep on adding new and technically advance products to our list. Copper Bonded Electrode is a highly advanced product, which is based on global technology and provides superior resistance against oxidation; it also has better product life than a simple GI Electrodes. Its uniformly coated thickness ensures stable performance, making it a cost effective option for users.

Superior Corrosion Resistance:

The thickness of copper on the copper bonded earthing electrode is 100 / 250 micron; With superior corrosion resistance. it ensures long product life.

Excellent Electrical Capability:

With the electrical conductivity of 20%, our copper bonded earth electrode has excellent electrical capability. It our dissipate fault current effectively.

Wide Applications:

Our copper bonded earth electrode can be used widely to ground building and foundation on any change of soil temperature, humidity, PH value etc.

Easy to Install

We provide professional grounding attachment parts for easy and quick installation with minimum cost.

Copper Bonded Rods

The Copper Bonded Rods that are manufactured at Ravi Earthing are made from high tensile steel and each rod is molecularly bonded with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper on the low carbon steel rod in accordance with international standard such as UL These Copper Bonded Rods give high protection against corrosion and electrochemical reaction when buried in the ground. For deep driving to depths, it is necessary to obtain good conducting level for uniform low-resistance grounds. The features are same as of Copper Bonded Rods or Copper Plated Rods for Earthing. Cold-rolled threads at each end for joining the various lengths of rods together with couplings or Dowel. Cold-rolled threads which are stronger than cut threads provide the added strength of continuous, unbroken grain flows.

Copper Earthing Electrode

Ravi Earthing offers Copper Earth Electrodes, which is an electrical system to make a connection with the ground and conductive electrode hidden deep in the ground, which is linked to the exposed metal parts of the equipment. It is designed in a such way so that they can easily direct the fault current to the ground. Chemical Earthing also takes care of all the safety devices such as MCB MCCB trip, along with the disconnection of power that makes faulty equipment’s risk-free. These are the two prime reasons that assure the proper Earthing and installation of chemical Earthing system. With the advancement in technology problems Copper Grounding Electrode was introduced which technically removed all the problems associated with the traditional grounding systems and hence revolutionized the way of Copper Earthing. Harnessing this technology, we also offer end to end solutions of safe and secure Earthing. We bring forward a large collection of maintenance free copper grounding system that makes us a major safe Copper Earthing Electrode Manufacturer.

GI Earthing Electrodes

GI Earthing or Gel earthing system is the process of creating an alternative path for the flow of excessive/fault current safely into the ground in the presence of minimal resistance. Our GI earthing system offers superior product life, cost effective, maintenance free as well as reduces the maintenance cost. SI Gel offers gel earth electrodes features like superior quality, properly galvanized, variable choices, cost effective, maintenance free and global technology are highly preferred. Gel earthing electrodes easily install with less space required compared to conventional GI earthing and yet has longer life. Earthing materials which surrounds gi earth electrode is hygroscopic and conductive that helps the longer period of effective earthing. A GI earthing material has the quality of absorbing and retaining moisture content for a very long period.